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Profile for BL_Angelic_Hazard
Username BL_Angelic_Hazard Male (Send U2U)  (Add to Address Book)
Registered: 19-12-2008 (0.08 messages per day)
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Race: Angel
Last active: 19-5-2012 at 01:40 PM

Other Information
Gender: Male
Aim: Help Friends & Freeze Enemies
Location: Secret Stage of Lunar Snowfield: Icy Palace
Birthday: 4-2-1989
Bio: BL_Angelic_Hazard.
Really Flonne's Fan (Angel Trainee Form, not in a fallen angel form).
I Like Magic Attacks.
Priority to Defend, Support, and Healing.
Doing Counterattack is my favourite.

RPG Status:
BL_Angelic_Hazard: Level 16 (Taking 2 Level Down Nut) -> 14 -> 15
Rank: Assisting Angel
Bonus Statuses: Star Bonus IIIa, Status Up, Upgradement Status I!
Angel Type: Angel of Inner Balance!
Focus On: Blessing!

A Seventh Fonist Angel who has specialization on Fourth Fonon.
Absorbs Ice, Immune to Wind!
But Very Vulnerable to Fire!

HP (+2250) : 38310/128430
SP (+1500) : 39874/108960
ATK (+45) : 12725
INT (+300) : 20890
HIT (+120) : 11920
DEF (+240) : 17320
RES (+262.5) : 22942.5 (Considered as 22943)
SPD (+112.5) : 11027.5 (Considered as 11027)
Counter : 2
MV : 9
JM : 37.5 (Considered as 37)
Fire: -200% (no Fire Damage given and 3X Damage taken from Fire)
Wind: 50% (1.5X Wind Damage Given, but Immune to Wind Damage (POWER Related))
Ice: 200% (3X Ice damage given and Absorb Damage from Ice)
Earth: 50% (1.5X Earth Damage given and 50% damage from Earth).

Omniscient Rod (Common Lvl 0)
Makai Wars (Common Lvl 0)
Prinny Suit (Common Lvl 0)
Universal Orb (Common Lvl 0)
Bonus Status due to same Rarity is neglected.

HP: 120%
SP: 130%
ATK: 70%
DEF: 140%
INT: 140%
RES: 130%
HIT: 100%
SPD: 70%

Special Technique:
IceBlocks (Lvl 1): Drop an Ice Block to Deal 2X INT of Ice Damage to a unit and Decreases that unit's SPD (not base SPD) by 8%

Negative Zephyr (Lvl 1): Summon 250 K (250 Kelvin) Wind to Deal 50% Ice and 50% Wind Damage! Deal Damage 2X INT (1X INT for Ice and 1X INT for Wind) to All enemy units and Decreases their SPD (not base SPD) by 4%.

Blessed Immortal Sanctuary (Heal MAX): Heal 90% of Lost HP, Cure all Status ailments, Resurrection++, 10% of Max HP/SP Regen for 10 turns, and Invulnerability (Invincibility) for 3 turns to ALL Allies.

Cold Barrier (Protect Lvl 1): Increase DEF By 100% and Return Physical damage taken by 8%, but Decrease your Fire RES by 100% for 10 turns (Doesn't Stack).

Cool Shell (Shell Lvl 1): Increase RES By 100% and Return Magical damage taken by 8%, but Decrease your SPD by 25% for 10 turns (Doesn't Stack).

Frozeithair Blessing (Bless Lvl 3): Increase all of your base status (excluding HP & SP) by 30% and Ice, Fire, Wind by 50% for 10 turns (Stack up to 4 times)

Frigid Ritual (Ritual Lvl 1): Instant Kill a unit with below 4% HP. Convert the HP to Your SP. (1% for Bosses)

Absolute Zero Lvl 1: Deals damage = 2X INT. 20% chance to FREEZE it.

Blue Meteor (US) (Lvl 1): Summon 5 Absolute Zero Meteors to attack enemies randomly. An enemy maybe attacked more than once. Deals Pure Damage 10 X INT for each meteor. 10% chance to FREEZE it & Reduces their SPD (not base SPD) by 6%.

Status Up (Lvl 1): Give Permanent Status Bonuses.

FREEZE: Frozen a unit's move for 1 Turn. Instant Kill if it is non-elemental physically attacked (2X Physical Damage for Bosses). Fire Damage increases by 50% and removes this status ailments.
Lost HP = Max HP - Remaining HP
US = Ultimate Skills learned at Lvl 10
Pure Damage = Deals Damage Affected by your ATK, INT, & Elemental Power, Abandoning DEF, RES, & Elemental Resistance of the target.
Ressurection++: Heal 70% of Max HP to dead targeted unit/s!
Invulnerability: Take no damage from any physical/magical attacks!

Darkness: 50% Ice + 50% Earth
Light: 50% Fire + 50% Wind
Fire and Ice Cancel each other, so do the Earth and Wind.

Status Up: +20000 HP/SP; +2000 ATK/DEF/INT/RES/HIT/SPD per level up.
Star Bonus IIIa: Obtained after getting 'Star Bonus II' then Rank Cadet -> Vassal. Give Status Bonuses 30000 HP/SP; 3000 ATK/DEF/INT/RES/HIT/SPD; MV +1; JM +2.5; Fire Resistance +50%
Upgradement Status I: Develop your status Upgrade when you level up by 1.5X
Should have learned All Skills until Lvl 10

^_^ |I'm doing this just for fun| ^_^
Current Mood: Spirited... Finishing game
Forum most active in: Central City (132 Posts) [46.8% of total posts]
Last Post: Currently Playing?: The 5th Installment (14-4-2010 at 02:02 PM)

About BL_Angelic_Hazard's RPG Status:
See my BIO HERE!
I will care and help my allies to reach their Victorious!
Animated Healer By Princess Maharl! Thank you very much! :D
Inner Balanced Assisting Angel BL_Angelic_Hazard: the the since 2009.
:innangel::nod:^_^ I Need Your Assistance, please! And, with Pleasure, I say Thank You All! ^_^:nod::innangel:

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