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The Last DLC
Etna - 13-6-2012 at 09:34 PM

I have to say,this DLC is definately one to remember,it's different from the previous DLC. With it being challenging[if you arent maxed stats] and also entertaining with the scenarios involved in the Netherbattle Tournament.

Baal this time around is more of a pain than before. His two evilities will annoy you. He can be revived four times and as soon as your characters step out of the base panel a flying sword is slammed down on them,to the point most of their HP is gone. If you are not prepared for this battle,you will lose in your first turn.

The Netherbattle tournament was unexpected for me. You have to register One of your characters into the tourny,which is very similiar to uploading your pirate ship/map. Then you pick four difficulty levels:

Generic Demon Level
Advanced Demon Level
Aristocrat Level
Overlord Level

These levels are where other players are divided up into ranks. Once you have picked the other player's characters,you have to go through Rounds of 5 rounds of battles before moving onto the next round. It sounds confusing when you havent played it.

Overall,this Netherbattle tournament is just plain awesome. I will say it is defiantely worth the money,because all the cutscenes involved is like one last farewell to see the post game/DLC characters interact with each other.