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Author: Subject: Rules of the Forum/FAQs
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[*] posted on 26-5-2004 at 08:49 PM
Rules of the Forum/FAQs

Every member that registers needs to understand how this forum works.It's pretty much not that hard to's more of the fact,people make it difficult for themselves.

Act mature:
Due to the fact that Disgaea is a Tactics game...this type of genre really doesn't interest a lot of younger people,but we still get stuck with them in the end.

- Respect other members
- Do NOT FLAME each other
- Do not get into stupid,ridiculous arguments over the most useless things you or anyone can think of...because arguing just shows how immature and childish you are.

If you can not act mature,and you can not get along with the members,then leave...we dont want you here,and we certainly wont be nice to you if you say you're sorry.Saying "Sorry" doesn't make it all better,it's how you change the way you act to prove You are sorry after all.

This also applies to "Drama Queens","attention whores" a.k.a people who love to cause a scene just
to get attention.Its not our fault your personality sucks.

Respect the mods and admin:
Not really hard to do...we aren't That strict,we are only strict if we have to be.
If you act immature,ignore the rules,
ignore us when we are trying to help,
or show you what you are doing wrong,but Still continue to misbehave... will be banned.

We're sick and tired,of having to repeat ourselves,when idiotic members just ignore us or just continue to be ignorant about it.

This is NOT a daycare center,we SHOULDNT HAVE to be pointing out Every wrong thing you do...once or twice,should be enough..not 5,6, or 9 TIMES.

As mods or an admin,we do give you verbal warnings...continue to not listen to us,and we will give you a temporary ban from posting for a while.Refuse to behave,and we ban you,simple as that.When you are banned for Christ's sake,Stop coming back here.I'm sick and tired of banned members coming back.Do you NOT UNDERSTAND THE IDEA OF BEING BANNED?!

More about banning here:

Read BEFORE you ask:
We get this all the time,before you Even start a topic...use the seach feature-

Type in what you are looking for in the "Search for",and look at the topics already made.Chances are somebody already made a topic you feel like discussing.Also use this if you want to know more about a certain question/s you have in mind,in other words...

Dont be lazy,research or read the topics BEFORE you start asking.We are NOT here to ALWAYS Spoon-feed you information or answers

Most of these answers can already be looked up on the forum,without having to sit around and wait for Someone to actually answer you.You probably could have saved yourself the effort from registering,since thats what others do...just register to ask a question and then leave.

No RPing/Role Playing

Here is the reason why:

No Forum advertising

We do Not allow posting links or making topics about other forums[unless its game related/info,its fine].If you have a forum that you own,or just visit,leave the link to the forum in your sig.There is No need to make a topic about it,showing it off in your sig is good enough.
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Posts: 5536
Registered: 3-5-2004
Location: Mt. Ordeal 4
Gender: Female
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Mood: Win or Lose! Stand up for your beliefs.

Level: 53
Activity: 144 / 1311
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[*] posted on 23-7-2007 at 07:10 PM

User titles/custom titles:
You may notice that most of the veteran members have titles.Just to clear this up,because we get asked this a lot...

No,you can Not give yourself a custom title.Admins and mods are only allowed to do this,but we dont just change your title for the hell of it.You have to earn it.

Name/user name changes:
Do not ask us to change your name,this requires messing with the settings or the coding in the forum..and only the admin has access to this.
But if you decide to be an idiot and make a second account...

Second accounts:
I can NOT stress this enough.DO NOT,make a second account on this forum-

Most of the time,users make a second account because:

- the name was already taken
- this isnt the name they wanted after all,etc.

All I have to say is...that is too fucking bad.When you make a name on the forum,you are stuck with it,its Your fault for not thinking about it carefully.

Avatar and Sigs:

You can not upload your avatars onto here,you will have to use photobucket,imageshack,or any other image hosting site.More about
avatars and sigs here:

About becoming a mod:

Some tips and hints about being a mod:

And the most important thing...

Do NOT ASK TO BE A MOD.We will tell you NO in a second

What is spam?
A lot of people ask this,so I will explain.Spam is basically is just posting whatever you feel like it,that has Nothing to do with the topic.

Say there is a Topic that says "Why does Laharl not have wings?" Out of nowhere,in the topic,someone posts "Hey,I found ten bucks outside my front yard!"
Does finding 10 bucks in your front yard have to do with anything with the topic about Laharl? No it doesnt.
THAT is spam.
Spam= being off topic,random posts,etc

Spam also goes for one word posts:
Don't do one word posts,again its spam.
Atleast put more into the post -_-;

In other words,try to avoid spam,and stay on topic with what the topic is discussing about,otherwise,you wont have very happy members :/

This would also apply to Spam Topics
These topics are mainly pointless,they serve no purpose in discussing about anything,its just complete,randomness.

Just to get a hint,as to avoid spam topics,before making a new topic,think about How it can be discussed with other users,not just for your own benefit.

Double Posting
Now I havent really got on anyone's case about this,it depends really on how the two posts look.For example:

Say this person posted,and all he did was say: "Hahaha,I did not know that".
Afterwards,the person decides to post again:
"Hey,where can I find more of that?"

You do realize,that the first post and the second post he made,could have been easily put into one post altogether? Even when they are just one lined posts.

Now,I will accept if you do have a couple of lines on the first post,and a couple of lines more on the second post that is referring to what the person previously posted,that is fine by me.

Overall,dont do double post,especially if you only posted just one line.Use the Edit button,thats what its there for,to edit your posts and fix them right.

I will even accept double post if the first post was..oh say,5 days ago and the person just did a second post on the sixth day.That's fine,that's why the date of when you posted is easy to find.

Thread Necromancy

When posting,please look at the date of the last person who posted/commented.We dislike topics being revived,they should remain dead.Only reason we leave them alone,is other members can look them up later on.

Comment from Laharl:

"This is incredibly fucking irritating,
if you're necroing something to encourage discussion then fair enough,but fucking pointless stuff like 'i like Adell' and 'loli do that to' is a waste."

This also applies when you quote someone,even if that person you are quoting posted it two years ago.

Welcome back threads:
We dislike "I'm back" topics/threads...there is no point to it.
Most members on here leave the forum for whatever personal reasons they have,we the admins/mods understand this..we all have busy lives outside of the internet.There is just No Need to tell the whole community,"Hey guys,I'm back.Did you miss me?".You can show you're back by posting again,which is good enough.

Got a question?
If you are unsure about something,or just confused about anything else,just Message me or if you want,any of the members,I dont think they would mind.Just as long as you dont harrass them,lol.

Response time
Take note,that this is a forum,NOT a chat room.Just because you see people online at the forum,does not mean,they will notice your post Right away.They could afk,reading other topics,or whatever it is.
This also applies if you get ignored through Messages.Sometimes the person never checks their messages or really,the person doesnt want to be bothered.

If you dont get a reply from then,do Not message them again.I assure you,they got the message [unless there is a message probelm with them,the personwould have said something or noticed already],maybe they dont feel like answering back or they dont know what to say.Either way,dont bug them about it,just drop it. You are only going to get into more conflict with the other person by harassing them to answer your messages.After all,we have our own rights,yes? It's just best to respect each other.

"Tell me,who's the baddest of the bad?
The maddest of the mad? The killer of kings and destroyer of worlds?" you Revel <3
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